Flags and Statues of the Confederacy

Major General Edward O. Ord on the front porch of the White House of the Confederacy

Nazi Germany was defeated in 1945. In the past 65 years Germany has paid over 70 billion in reparations to the Jews. There are no flags with swastikas waving in Germany now. There are no statues erected to Adolph Hitler or Hermann Göring in Germany now. The history of the atrocities endured by the Jewish people in Europe is not lost because of the absence of this kind of window dressing. These symbols are an insult to the people who suffered under Nazi oppression. The German people are aware of what they did and are atoning for it.

The American Civil War was fought in the 19th century (1861 to 1865). The South did not win. We are now in the 21st century. Let us let go of the Confederate flag and all its trappings, now. If you want to see flags or statues from the Confederacy, you can go to the American Civil War Museum, a multi-site museum in Richmond, Virginia. Those symbols of slavery, treason, defeat, and hatred are not required on public streets as reminders.

The statues and flags serve as a crutch to help soften the blow of loss for the South. They may have been defeated but they are still trying to hold onto power. It has been 155 years since the defeat, and it is past time to move forward. The events of the American Civil War are recorded in history textbooks and many historical tomes, told from multiple viewpoints, and are available in libraries, bookstores or online. The American Civil War is not easily forgotten. The events will not leave the American consciousness just because there are no statues or flags in public view. It is time to stop hiding the truth behind memorabilia and souvenirs that serve to romanticize another ugly page in American History.

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