C-SPAN Taking Questions for the Second 2020 Presidential Debate

Steve Scully, Senior Executive Producer and Political Editor at C-SPAN will be the moderator for the October 15th second Presidential Debate. So, what you say? Well, here is an opportunity for the public to submit their questions for the candidates and help shape the debates. You can submit your question to townhall@c-span.org now for consideration.

C-SPAN was created in 1979 by the cable industry as a non-profit public service. They cover all Congressional hearings and activities at the House from ‘gavel to gavel’ without commercial interruption or commentary. I like their morning program Washington Journal. It is broadcast from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM EST, seven days per week. Steve Scully is one of the moderators. During the program calls are taken from listeners who comment on a question posed by the moderator. The questions revolve around topical stories in the news both national and international. The moderators don’t express their opinions and allow the callers to speak their minds. I like the program because it can give you and indication of where people are at regarding a given subject. In addition to the call in component they also invite politicians, directors of think-tanks, and non-profits, journalists and other experts in their field to come on the program and tell the audience about their organization and to answer viewer questions live.

The C-SPAN website is a great resource with over 261,422 hours of video content and counting, available for free. If you miss a hearing or political speech it can most likely be found in their archives. You can view their programming over the internet for free if you have Wi-Fi. They also have a free C-SPAN radio app for mobile devices. There is other content available on C-SPAN that I don’t avail myself of regularly like Book TV where they interview authors of historical and/or political books and American History TV. The station invites speakers from both sides of the aisle and in between to discuss their views, plans, and policies. I feel like it is a great resource that is usually overlooked.

If you have a question for the October 15th  presidential debate submit it to townhall@c-span.org.

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