Comments on the Nashville Statement

A group of Evangelical Christian Leaders have organized and signed a statement affirming their beliefs on human sexuality. Below is my comment on their statement.

You perceive life based on your own beliefs and form a perspective. You may find others who share your point of view and provide comfort in a shared viewpoint. The originators and signers of the Nashville Statement are entitled to state their truth as they see it. However only those of like-mind will agree. I do not agree. There is no one truth. Just as there is no one religion, one race, one country or one nation on this planet. There is diversity.

I believe that expansion is a natural part of humanity. Ideas morph and grow just as our bodies do. I believe it is a part of growth that some of us are coming to see that the expression of sexuality and gender is varied. Some of us are living this realization and others are observing in support. If it is truly believed on the one hand, that God is omniscient and omnipotent, then how is it possible for the created to defy the all powerful Creator in any way ?

I believe that expansion is a part of creation. I believe that you could say it is part of “God’s plan.” I don’t share the belief that God has created a neat little sandbox for the created with strict rules for the playground that condemn experimentation, free expression, and exploration—no playing—just follow the rules. That is not creative.

I believe that religion is like a neat little sandbox that comes with its own rules for engagement. I am not claiming that there is no value in religion, but it can become a crutch when you see yourself as only a creation and not a co-creator.

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